We Steel Rise Re-entry Services provides training, mentoring, and counseling for newly released, pregnant and mothering women and girls, who face homelessness . Our organization will maintain a safe halfway housing for participants. Our 3-month program facilitates self reflection, decision-making, healing, skill-building, positive parenting and productivity. The aim is to compassionately and restoratively ease women leaving the State of Arizona correctional facility back into society with the resources they need to reintegrate into their communities and families. Here are frequently asked questions about our program.

Who is the ideal candidate for we steel rise?

We Steel Rise Re-entry Services has identified its target customer as female parolees from Maricopa County Correctional Facility seeking to reintegrate back into the surrounding communities that are pregnant or have children with who she is able to reunite. The Characteristics of this segment are: • Often have little more than a high school diploma or equivalency. • Have done 1 or more stints in county or state correctional facilities. • Often are in need of housing or employment assistance for them or their families upon release.

Are you hiring?

Currently we are not hiring for full time employees, but we are accepting resumes of potential volunteers. Please email

How do I apply to the program?

Please visit our application page. There you will find our application documents. Please feel them out and submit them to

How much do I have to pay to be apart of the program?

The cost to be apart of the We Shall Rise program is free for housemates. However, there is a level of responsibility that each program member agrees too. If these responsibilities are not fulfilled the member will be penalized.